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POPPY&IVY Sigma Micro Magnetic Lash & Liner Set ELMM05

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2 Pairs of reusable eyelashes in two different styles outfitted with 10 secure, yet tiny magnets. Can be reused up to 60times • 1 Magnetic Eyeliner in black that acts as a smudge-proof, secure bond for your lashes to stay locked onto

Experience the most comfortable magnetic lash in the game with the Sigma+ Star Micro Magnetic Lash & Liner Set.  Using nanotechnology to design tiny micro magnets for the most secure hold while also being 50% lighter than your regular magnetic lashes with liner.

These premium Micro Magnetic Lashes are reusable, wind-resistant, ultra long-lasting and drama-proof.  Never fear your lashes failing on you ever again.

Length of Lash Hairs Length of Lash Band
 [ELMM01] Mercy  5-12mm  33mm
 [ELMM01] Grace  5-12mm  32mm
 [ELMM02] Limitless  4-10mm  31mm
 [ELMM02] Attitude  5-15mm  32mm
 [ELMM03] Zen  4-10mm  30mm
 [ELMM03] Mahayana  5-12mm  32mm 
 [ELMM04] Maestro  6-14mm  33mm
 [ELMM04] Virtuoso  7-18mm  33mm
 [ELMM05] Prima  6-19mm  34mm
 [ELMM05] Zenith  5-16mm  33mm
 [ELMM06] Sigma  5-15mm  33mm
 [ELMM06] Star  8-16mm  35mm