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Pantene Gold Series Triple Care Braid Cream

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Pantene Gold Series Triple Care Braid Cream

Triple benefit moisturizing cream relieves the stress of the braiding process while providing your hair the moisture needed throughout the life of your protective style.

  1. Prep: Preps natural hair by locking in moisture
  2. Protect: Protects hair against dryness and reduces stress of braiding
  3. Polish: Lasting shine to finish your look

Sulfate & Paraben Free


Stylist Tip: Use as a 3-step step system for all your protective styles.

  1. Prep: Use at installation by applying to your natural hair before and during styling. Apply at roots to keep exposed hair and braids moisturized
  2. Protect: Apply as needed for maintenance and protection throughout the life of the style to keep braids and natural hair nourished and sleek
  3. Polish: Apply to finished braids as a finishing touch for lasting shine and moisture.