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La Brasiliana Zero Keratin Treatment

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4.23 fl. oz

La Brasiliana Zero Keratin Treatment 4.23 fl. oz

Smoothes • Shines • Softens • Eliminates Frizz • Instant Manageability

This Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary treatment for all hair types. It contains keratin and collagen to help maintain the strength and flexibility of the hair.

How to Use : (1) After shampooing the hair twice with La-Brasiliana Clarifying Shampoo, towel dry. (2) Then blow-dry hair leaving 10% dampness in the hair, making hair easier to control. (3) Divide the hair into 4 sections. (4) Starting from the nape, apply the treatment to the hair by applicator brush, keep product off the scalp and comb product through to the ends. Finish the whole head by section. (5) Using a wide tooth brush, blow dry the hair completely. (6) Divide the hair into 4 sections again. (7) Starting from the nape, with a fine tooth comb, part the hair in 1/4 inch parts and flat iron from root till end. Flat iron each part four to five times or as many times needed until the hair is silky and shiny. (8) For best result the flat-iron should be set 450 degrees (9) Inform client not to shampoo, wet or tie hair up in any way for 4days. (10) After the fourth day, maintain the character of the treatment with La-Brasiliana Keratin after Treatment Shampoo, After treatment conditioner and frizz away shine. This maintenance can be done in the salon or at home by client.