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Nail Tek

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Nail Tek 0.5oz

1 For Normal, Healthy Nails (Maintenance Plus) : Look Strong, smooth and healthy, Grow easily, Bend slightly when pressed

2 For Soft, Peeling Nails (Intensive Therapy) : Split & Peel easily, Week and soft, Bend Slightly when pressed, Rarely grow past fingertips

3 For Hard, Brittle Nails (Protection Plus) : Lack flexibility and moisture, Break very easily, Appear dull and lack luster

4. For Weak, Damaged Nails (Xtra) 

Nail Tek Products were developed to help the appearance of growth and keep healthy, strong, natural nails. Whatever 

How to Use : 1. Shake the bottle  2. Cleanse nail area including the cuticles, fingers, and the entire hand  3. Apply on bare nails when using as a base coat. Brush on after applying your regular nail polish, when using as a top coat.