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Carotone Trio B.S.C | Lotion-Serum-Creme

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Carotone Trio B.S.C

Feel the benefits of Carotone's Triple Action System with their Trio B.S.C Lotion-Serum-Creme. The intensive science-based formula includes powerful antioxidants, which help protect skin from environmental stresses, and hydrating agents, which help maintain skin's moisture levels. Get visibly younger looking skin with this powerful 3-step system.

Black spot Corrector : Lotion 1.7oz • Cream 1oz • Serum 1oz • Soap

Lotion is Cleans all skin's impurities on face, neck and elbows. and Serum BSC is eliminates all spots and marks that are on hand, feet, elbows. Cream is care for final touch correction of persisting spots and scares(Knees, elbows)

How to Use : Use Lotion after the CAROTONE soap. Serum is apply on dark spots after shower and can be mixed with BSC cream.