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Alfaparf Milano Evolution (Platinum • Lifting Reinforcer • Corrector)

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One of the Best Professional Hair Dye 

Alfaparf Milano Evolution of the Color Cube is a permanent cosmetic hair coloring cream. Pioneering performance in the professional color service: contains 3D technology that perfectly colors hair


• Platinum 8 nuance. Up to 5 levels of lift.
Great for highlighting, makes hair lighter and brighter giving clear pastel results

How to Use : Dilution ratio is 1:2. Do not mix with other Evolution of the Color shades. The Platinum series should be applied to bases no darker than light brown (5). The treatment time is 50-55 minutes. Treatment times are shorter if a source of heat is used.


• Super High Lifting Reinforcer Can be mixed with all Platinum, series shades to boost lightening power by up to 5 tones

How to Use : Maximum mixing ratio 1:1 (30 g Platinum shade + 30 g 0SP + 120ml Oxid’o 40% Vol.).


• Correctors  Special shades, with very high tonal intensity, suitable for varying, accentuating or balancing the result of a color.

How to Use : Dosage varies (and is measured in cm from 1 to 10) according to the intensity of the desired result. The correctors can be mixed with one another. YELLOW: Used to accentuate the golden series. BLUE: Used to counter orange and yellow casts. VIOLET: Used to enhance the violet cast of the Pure Violets, Mogano and Rossi series.