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Absolute Full Cover Liquid Matte Foundation

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Achieve an absolute matte finish with Absolute New York's Full Cover Liquid Matte Foundation. This foundation, concocted with the latest technology, provides buildable coverage that results in a smooth finish. Its oil-free formula ensures your complexion stays shine-free for hours, all the while feeling lightweight and comfortable on the skin.

Absolute Full Cover Liquid Matte Foundation 1.01 fl. oz

Full coverage that feels lightweight and doesn't suffocate the skin.  This creamy, oil free formula provides a natural matte finish and leave skin breathable and flawless for up to 12 hours. Designed with a dropper tip for a mess free and easy application.

[MFFD01] Neutral Linen - very light with neutral undertones
[MFFD02] Cool Nude - light with cool undertones
[MFFD03] Warm Golden - light-medium with warm undertones
[MFFD04] Warm Praline - medium with warm undertones 
[MFFD05] Warm Toffee - medium-deep with golden undertones
[MFFD06] Neutral Pecan - medium-deep with neutral undertones
[MFFD07] Warm Walnut - medium-deep with warm undertones 
[MFFD08] Neutral Maple - deep with neutral undertones
[MFFD09] Cool Tiramisu - deep with cool undertones
[MFFD10] Neutral Truffle - deep with neutral undertones
[MFFD11] Warm Mahogany - very deep with warm undertones
[MFFD12] Neutral Ganache - very deep with neutral undertones


How to Use : Start with a small amount as a little goes a long way.  Use a damp sponge or buffing brush to evenly blend onto the skin.

(*)for Dry skin, we recommend using Hydrating Second Skin Primer Drops to prep and moisturize skin. (*)for Oily skin, we recommend the Mattifying Second Skin Primer Drops to create a satin base and keep oil at bay throughout the day.