Absolute Full Cover Liquid Matte Foundation

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Absolute Full Cover Liquid Matte Foundation 1.01 fl. oz

Full coverage that feels lightweight and doesn't suffocate the skin.  This creamy, oil free formula provides a natural matte finish and leave skin breathable and flawless for up to 12 hours. Designed with a dropper tip for a mess free and easy application.

[MFFD01] Neutral Linen - very light with neutral undertones
[MFFD02] Cool Nude - light with cool undertones
[MFFD03] Warm Golden - light-medium with warm undertones
[MFFD04] Warm Praline - medium with warm undertones 
[MFFD05] Warm Toffee - medium-deep with golden undertones
[MFFD06] Neutral Pecan - medium-deep with neutral undertones
[MFFD07] Warm Walnut - medium-deep with warm undertones 
[MFFD08] Neutral Maple - deep with neutral undertones
[MFFD09] Cool Tiramisu - deep with cool undertones
[MFFD10] Neutral Truffle - deep with neutral undertones
[MFFD11] Warm Mahogany - very deep with warm undertones
[MFFD12] Neutral Ganache - very deep with neutral undertones


How to Use : Start with a small amount as a little goes a long way.  Use a damp sponge or buffing brush to evenly blend onto the skin.

(*)for Dry skin, we recommend using Hydrating Second Skin Primer Drops to prep and moisturize skin. (*)for Oily skin, we recommend the Mattifying Second Skin Primer Drops to create a satin base and keep oil at bay throughout the day. 

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